Australia has a strong emerging Cloud Computing industry and needs a peak body to support it and further its collective cause. The industry faces challenges from International vendors and a play must be made to convince government and enterprise that Australia has the cloud services and expertise locally, and such services should be sourced locally. The industry also deserves to have regulatory standards, certifications of these standards and a body to create and regulate these.  Australian Cloud Service providers must have a voice and the ability to lobby government and ensure that legislature created by government is appropriate to the industry.  Australian Providers of Cloud is being created to address these causes.

The Australian Providers of Cloud (APOC) are intended to be an ‘Advocacy Group’ – we plan to provide a forum for individuals and companies within the independent Australian Cloud Services community that are challenged with similar issues.

APOC will be a non-profit organisation and will provide a vehicle to collaborate in negotiations, share knowledge, network with their peers, influence the innovation of Cloud solutions and provide ongoing benefits for all members and end-users.

We will provide an environment for the exchange of ideas and experience within the independent Australian Cloud Services community so that our members can expand their knowledge in a timely and cost-effective manner.